In our lives, who come across many people who are privileged with an absolute power or fame and made us believe that they must have inherent the same bliss because of their education or degree. Since childhood, we are forcefully compelled that we need to have a higher education if we want to succeed in our lives. That’s the reason we indulge so much in high-level education programs and other major degrees. As we get older and gain some life and work experiences, we realize the fact that this isn’t truth. The people who have degrees and earned a good place in studies don’t mean that they are the skilled as well.

The degree is nothing, but the certified documentation that proves we have accomplished something in education. However, there are many individuals that are inborn with skills but may not manage to gain the degrees. Still, they have accomplished very well in their lifetime. Similarly, every degree holder isn’t necessarily to be skilled as well. This major factor has encouraged many big companies to do something called Skilled Based Hiring as an alternative to hiring on degrees’ student.

In Malaysia, we place too much emphasis on a piece of paper rather than knowledge or skill that should have acquired to earn it. If a student looking for a higher education, a degree is normal to study route. However, some of us sometimes cannot take the advantage of advanced education programs and prefer to develop the skill which does not necessarily require the stamp of a degree curriculum.

In other words, every person with degrees may not receive a number of jobs that require only skilled trained people. The new world has accepted the fact that the skill plays a major role in the development of any company or country than degrees. If we take an example of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, when he started his business, he didn’t have any degree. But even though he has made a huge empire.

However, as per the current trend, the degree, and skill are two sides of the same coin. To succeed in the race of life, a person needs to have degree/certification along with the skill. A degree without the skill would be as empty as the skill without the degree. Both need to go hand-in-hand to be survival of the fittest.

Besides that, university, college and technical institution offers the student a broad range of clubs and activities that provide for leadership, teamwork, performance, volunteering and many more. To enhance skill and abilities outside the classroom, students need to involve any of these clubs or activities. With the help from club advisors, students can make responsible and productive events.

P/S: How many people claiming that have no certificates/degree or bad graded certificates got accepted in postgraduate programs or jobs in the free market? How can someone, an owner of a multinational company or international company or even local company, going to realize that somebody is good enough for a position when he/she has no recognized by the education system certificates? Even to become a professional in sports, you still need certification. Certificates are important because, in an organized society, they mean the acknowledgement of skills and abilities.

One of my favs quote says “whatever the difference between intelligent and average brains, we are all creative. And through practice and study, we can enhance our skills and talents – Jeff Hawkins”. So, you guys who currently struggle with studies do not feel starstruck with some insta famous kids because of their average income per month.

Nur Iyliani Binti Mohd Danial
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Ambassador of Neo-Siswa Universiti Malaya, Session 18/19

“Be balance in all things because well knowledge and practical application are both needed to achieve in most jobs and both must grow over the course of a career”


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